Q - Why don't you offer single consultations, and only offer packages?

I only offer packages because no client can return to a point of health within one or two sessions. The complex web of factors that have resulted in ill health have occurred over many years and need to be unpicked. It has taken a long time to get to the point of illness and it's going to take time to feel good gain. There is a lot of work to be done by both myself as the practitioner and you as the client.

Q - Have you seen my condition before?

I have not seen every autoimmune disease in clinic no, and I doubt any practitioner ever has BUT, functional medicine and nutritional therapy are targeted at the cause of the disease not the symptoms. I am experienced at unravelling your health history and identifying the triggers of your disease and the factors which are maintaining you at this point of ill health, and by doing this no matter what your diagnosis we will be supporting a return to health.

Q - How long will it take to get better?

The true answer is we just don't know. Each step in the process allows for treatment protocols to be established and for us to see how you feel after implementing these changes? There is an element of trial and error with each client and the time between each consultation will allow us to know if the changes we are putting in place are working for you. Each follow up is the chance to reset and reevaluate until we are on the right path. That being said each change we put in place is a positive move forward.

Q - Is there a specific diet for my condition?

Despite a diagnosis, every client with that diagnosis will have a different health history and a different set of factors that have resulted in the presentation of their symptoms and of that disease. No one diet will work for everyone but there are some elements of dietary change which are important for all clients. Each dietary protocol we put in place is tailored to meet the specific needs and causes of disease in each individual.

Q - Are test and supplements included in the cost?

No, all tests and supplements will be in addition to the consultation/package fees.

Q - This all sounds very expensive? Why is that?

The reason for the cost of nutritional therapy is due to the individual nature of the process and the length of time dedicated to each client. Unlike some other alternative therapies whereby you may pay solely for your one hour in clinic, I as the clinician will be spending many hours on your case both before and after each session we have together in clinic. Similarly buying quality food and supplements to support your journey to health can come at a cost.
BUT..... It is important to see that this is not an expense it is an investment for life and for your health, and investing in your health is a choice, just as going on holiday or buying that new car is a choice. If you have been suffering from chronic long term ill health you will understand the importance of acheiveing wellness and investing in yourself.