1-1 Consultation Packages

A free 15 minute telephone consultation is offered in which health concerns and goals will be discussed. You will then be offered an Initial Consultation as part of one of the two packages offered, or added to our waiting list depending on current availability.


Why we Offer Packages of Sessions Rather Than Single Consultations?

The complexity of chronic illness
When you have been ill for a long while and suffer from chronic, unexplained and complex illness, it is unlikely that you will regain wellness within one or two sessions. Most clients will be suffering from illness with multiple triggering mechanisms, each of which will need to be addressed to return to health. For example a client suffering with a condition of autoimmunity may have imbalances in digestion, detoxification, environmental and food triggers etc. Each one of these avenues will need to be investigated in turn. Remember we are not looking to target symptoms but the root cause of the condition.

Taking the time to test
In addition it is likely that functional and nutritional testing may be required. This could include comprehensive digestive testing, food, chemical and environmental screening. Following testing we will then apply targeted protocols which are specific to the testing outcomes.

Client Individuality
Each client will be given a targeted and individualised protocol to follow which will be adjusted as we move through sessions, and as client health status and requirements change. There is no one size fits all approach to chronic illness and as such it takes time to build a truly personalised and supportive plan. Additionally just as it takes time for you to implement and adjust to the changes we will put in place, it takes time for the body to adjust and for changes in health to occur.

The success of clients who embark on a programme whereby sessions are pre-scheduled show much greater success as it gives encouragement to meet the goals set in each session by the date of the next. It makes it much easier to achieve a greater levels of success. When you sign up for a package you are inherently more committed to make lasting change. Similarly making positive change for each client takes time, research and commitment to the case on our part and with packages we are able to allocate specific time between sessions to ensure that we are focussed on you.

Our role as a therapists is to ensure success in every one of our clients and packages are the best way to make this happen.

The Packages