Nutritional Therapist offering Nutritional Therapy for adults and children in and around Guildford, the surrounding areas of Surrey, and London.


WELCOME TO the SURREY CENTRE FOR NUTRITION with Elisabeth Linford and Team

Nutritional Therapist offering Nutritional Therapy face to face in and around Guildford, the surrounding areas of Surrey and London, and internationally via Skype.
SPECIALISING IN - Digestive disorders and gut health including IBS, weight loss, food allergy, intolerance and sensitivity, and autoimmune disease in both adults and children.
ROOT CAUSE MEDICINE - Working to understand the true root cause of your symptoms, identifying underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances.
TESTING - Offering a full range of the latest nutritional and functional testing.

BESPOKE - All clients will receive a fully bespoke and tailored nutritional programme and the support to empower themselves to make changes that are sustainable for a future of health

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Our Mission

"To enable clients to achieve optimal health through nutrition for lifelong wellness. Ensuring that every client receives a level of support and depth of personalisation that enables a truly unique and bespoke service"
Elisabeth Linford, Founder


Libby has given me practical help with developing a more rounded approach to food, one that also impacts on my entire wellbeing. I have always been susceptible to emotional eating and making snap choices in times of stress. Libby has given me tips to make considered choices and has helped shift my thinking to a position of nourishment, rather than starving myself. I have goals to lose some weight and re-balance my blood sugars and Libby's solid advice is helping me make that achievable and part of my everyday life.

Sarah, Digital Producer

Libby's knowledge and expertise in nutrition has helped me greatly improve my life. She has enabled me to better understand the connection between my body and what I fuel it with, which has led to increased vital energy levels. I highly recommend Libby to anyone seeking to improve their health and well-being.

Raj, Actor

Libby helped me to understand what's good for my body explaining everything in a very simple way. Her advice is doable and easy to employ and it focuses on the general well being rather than just weight loss. She's also very approachable and always available to reply to questions you might have once you've started changing your habits.


I sought advice from Libby because of a significant weight loss following an illness, subsequent operation and prolonged stay in hospital. Prior to seeing Libby, my weight had shown no signs of recovering but, following Libby’s recommended changes to my diet, over a three month period I am now back to my pre operation weight. Additionally previous digestive symptoms have also been positively influenced, due, I am sure, to the dietary changes recommended by Libby. Friends and family all say how much better I am looking!

Tom, Retired

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