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You may have gone down the conventional medical route to try and find relief from your longstanding and often chronic symptoms of IBS type PAIN, BLOATING, CONSTIPATION or DIARRHOEA, DISCOMFORT after eating and acid REFLUX or HEARTBURN, with little or no luck in the long term or at all.

These symptoms may be so severe and disruptive that they affect the enjoyment of their your day life.

At the Surrey Centre for Nutrition we offer comprehensive assessments, packages and functional diagnostic testing to address your digestive health issues.

Although many people present with the same or similar symptoms, the underlying cause will be different in each person, and may include:
* Imbalance in the 'good' and 'bad' bacteria in the gut
* Integrity of the gut lining
* Inflammation
* Compromised digestion and absorption

Together we will unpick these complex factors using assessment and testing where necessary, and address these with targeted and individualised nutritional protocols, returning clients to a point of full health and a life symptom free.

Many clients presenting with digestive symptoms will also suffer from symptoms that affect other parts of their body, these may include, FATIGUE, HEADACHES and MIGRAINES, ANXIETY, LOW MOOD and DEPRESSION.

Similarly due to the impact of the gut on immune health and inflammatory processes within the body, people may suffer also from conditions of autoimmunity including ECZEMA, ASTHMA, HAYFEVER, ARTHRITIS and inflammatory diseases of the gut. Food ALLERGY and INTOLERANCE may also be present.

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