Remove plastic, remove toxins!

Remove plastic, remove toxins!

Tuesday 3rd January 2017

So, you eat organic, drink organic, filter your water, and believe you are limiting your toxin intake, however some of the most damaging toxins come from food packaging and storage materials.

If we look at the plastics we use on a daily basis we can find chemicals including, bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, and formaldehyde
amongst many others. Such toxins can cause disruption to endocrine (hormone function and production), impaired liver function, and may even be implicated in cancer.

Despite being told that the plastics used in food packaging, storage and food prep are safe, unfortunately the truth is that there is always a level of leaching of chemicals from the plastic into the foods we eat. The levels of leaching of these toxic chemical varies greatly depending on the types of plastic in question, and the way in which the plastic is used. For example heating food in plastic or storing an acidic food in plastic leads to a much more significant level of toxins entering the food.

It is very difficult to avoid plastic packaging altogether as it is now used so widely, however there are changes we can make, especially at home. Here are just a few of these;

- NEVER heat food in plastic.
- Use stainless steel, or glass food containers to store food
- Always take filtered water out and about in a stainless steel canister instead of buying miners water in plastic bottles.
- Swap cling film for wax paper or reusable wax food storage wraps.
- Don't package lunches in plastic sandwich bags, instead use wax paper sandwich bags, stainless steel lunch and bento boxes.
- BPA is also found in the lining of cans so opt for goods purchased in glass jars or in the case of beans etc, dried versions.
- Use only stainless steel cups and silicon lids for babies and toddlers instead of plastic sucky cups.
- Use porcelain instead of melamine for children as melamine contains formaldehyde.

As a nutritional therapist, both the nutrition that we get from our food, and the avoidance of environmental toxins are two of the most fundamentally important considerations.

Here are a number of my favourite products;
Silicone sucky cup lids
Stainless steel beakers
Non toxic sandwich bags

*For more information, or for help cleansing your own kitchen and life from toxic chemicals, please contact me 'The Diet Doctor' for a consultation in central London or via Skype.