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Most of my weight loss clinic clients have often tried every diet on the market and exercise regime they with little or no luck in achieving their weight loss goals. Often weight loss has initially seemed positive with great progress made in the first few weeks or months, but then their weight loss has plateaued, or the weight starts to creep on again.

The simple reason for this is that weight loss is not as simple as cutting calories, carbs, fat, applying curfews to eating times etc etc. Yes there are elements of these ideas that can be useful and can be built into a weight loss programme but on their own these approaches fall short of providing healthy weight loss.

Additionally there are a number of complexities behind weight gain which need to be unpicked to achieve your weight loss goals.

Factors that can contribute to the inability to lose weight include;
- Food intolerances or sensitivities
- Hormonal changes due to age, ill health and diet
- High levels of toxicity and poor detoxification capacity
- Calorie restriction
- Restriction of FAT from the diet
- Pre diabetes and diabetes
- Poor dietary choices
- Nutrient insufficiencies or deficiencies

Excess weight can contribute to high levels of inflammation in the body and result in the presence of other symptoms and diseases (co-morbdities). Choosing to lose weight is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health, protecting against future illness and happiness.

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss
It is important to note that when we talk about weight loss, what we are actually trying to achieve is FAT LOSS. Many conventional diets will result in the loss of both fat and healthy lean muscle mass which is detrimental to health.

How is my approach to weight loss different?
I will help you identify the root cause or causes of your weight gain, and the factors that are preventing weight loss and target these with personalised nutritional approaches designed for sustainable and long term weight loss.

There will be no crash or fad diets. The focus is not on what you can't eat but on what you can. It is not on counting calories but is on making sure all the calories you eat are contributing to health and providing essential nutrients to aid weight loss and overall wellness.

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