The Surrey Centre for Nutrition

The Clinic

The Surrey Centre for Nutrition is a multi-disciplinary functional medicine, nutritional therapy and naturopathy clinic with a team of highly qualified and specialist practitioners who bring together their skills and knowledge to advance health in those with wide ranging health concerns.

We offer a full range of services, both in-clinic, or online, so the support you need is here for you.

Over the years the Surrey Centre for Nutrition and it's practitioners have helped it's clients regain health by addressing health concerns including gut and digestive health issues, autoimmunity and immune imbalance such as allergy, intolerance and reactivity, weight management, hormonal imbalance including menopausal symptoms, PCOS and fertility, thyroid disorders, mood disorders and more.
Conditions we Support

Our practitioners meet regularly to collaborate on client case work to bring you the best of our knowledge, training and expertise.
Meet the Team

We also have links personal trainers, mindfulness and meditation experts, life coaches and more to help you address every aspect of your health and wellness.

To enable you to make the changes needed the Surrey Centre for Nutrition has teamed with a leading personal chef service to offer you personalised and tailored organic meal delivery service. Find out more here

Areas of nutrition we deal with

Sports nutrition
Fat loss
Heart disease including hypertension

Children's Nutrition

Energy and fatigue
Digestive conditions such as IBS
Autoimmune disease including, arthritis, asthma, eczema, psoriasis

Stress, depression and anxiety
Food allergies and intolerances
Premenstrual syndrome, PCOS and Menopause
Nutrition for fertility, preconception and pregnancy