Digestive Health

You may have gone down the conventional medical route to try and find relief from your longstanding and often chronic symptoms of IBS type PAIN, BLOATING, CONSTIPATION or DIARRHOEA, DISCOMFORT after eating and acid REFLUX or HEARTBURN, with little or no luck in the long term or at all.

These symptoms may be so severe and disruptive that they affect the enjoyment of their your day life.
At the Surrey Centre for Nutrition we offer comprehensive assessments, packages and functional diagnostic testing to address your digestive health issues.
Although many people present with the same or similar symptoms, the underlying cause will be different in each person, and may include:
* Imbalance in the 'good' and 'bad' bacteria in the gut
* Integrity of the gut lining
* Inflammation
* Compromised digestion and absorption

Together we will unpick these complex factors using assessment and testing where necessary, and address these with targeted and individualised nutritional protocols, returning clients to a point of full health and a life symptom free.

Many clients presenting with digestive symptoms will also suffer from symptoms that affect other parts of their body, these may include, FATIGUE, HEADACHES and MIGRAINES, ANXIETY, LOW MOOD and DEPRESSION. Similarly due to the impact of the gut on immune health and inflammatory processes within the body, people may suffer also from conditions of autoimmunity including ECZEMA, ASTHMA, HAYFEVER, ARTHRITIS and inflammatory diseases of the gut. Food ALLERGY and INTOLERANCE may also be present. 

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Children's Health

At the Surrey Centre for Nutrition we offer specialised children's allergy and child nutrition services
The prevalence of childhood illnesses and diseases such as ECZEMA, DERMATITIS, ASTHMA, hay fever, allergies, frequent colds and tummy bugs, along with food intolerance and behavioural and learning developmental difficulties is increasing in babies and children.

By now you will probably have followed the standard conventional medicine approach which will usually involve medications such as steroid creams and moisturising lotions, inhalers and antihistamines, and FOOD AVOIDANCE with the aim of symptomatic relief.

At home you may have tried to address your child's eczema for example with the addition of water softeners to the home, by changing washing powders and swapping to creams and lotions for sensitive skin, but with little or no relief.

This is because the cause hasn't been addressed, only the symptoms.

Using a functional medicine approach Elisabeth will work with you and your child to identify the root cause, to provide long term lasting relief, addressing your child's health now, building a foundation for good health later in life.

Factors that will be considered will include;
- Digestive health
- Exposure to environmental, food, water and air borne toxins
- History of medications including antibiotics,
- Diet and lifestyle

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There are currently over 80 different autoimmune conditions identified, with the most frequently diagnosed being rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Autoimmune conditions can affect any system of the body including the joints, bones and skin, the digestive system, the nervous system, the endocrine (hormonal) system, and can be life altering and debilitating.

Your symptoms will vary depending on the type of autoimmune condition you have, but the underlying causative factors are often very similar. We will identify these causes and directly address these with personalised and targeted dietary approaches using a root cause not a symptoms approach.

You do not have to suffer lifelong sometimes debilitating conditions of autoimmunity when nutritional therapy can provide targeted long lasting support.......

At our Nutrition Clinic in Surrey, we use targeted assessments, packages and testing to identify the cause of your autoimmunity, and personalised nutritional plans to get you back to health.

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Functional Testing

We offer a full range of nutritional and functional health tests which allows us to understand the true underlying cause of your health concerns or illness.

Why we use functional testing?
Functional testing helps to identify the imbalances at the root of your disease condition or ill health. The cause of poor health will be specific to each individual, and may result from multiple factors, including nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, toxicology, infection and numerous elements of disordered digestive function.
The results from testing allow us to be very specific and targeted in our approach to addressing your health concerns and returning you to a state of true health. They provide us with scientific data from which we can build a plan tailored to each clients individuality.

Testing that we offer includes;

  • Full nutritional analysis (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids etc)
  • Toxicity including heavy metal testing
  • Digestive function analysis
  • Food intolerance and allergy
  • Organic acids testing
  • Adrenal stress testing

Testing will typically involve the sampling of blood, saliva, urine or stools, and most can be conducted at home. In the case of blood sampling, where required you will be given the details of local blood draw clinics.

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