The Process

Individuality is at the heart of how I work, however the process by which this personalisation is achieved is carefully structured

Getting Started: Case Review

To get going you will be asked to complete a detailed nutritional therapy questionnaire and diet diary which details for me all of your health concerns, your health history and an outline of your nutritional intake. I will then spend time reviewing your case before we meet allowing me to form an understanding of the individuality of your case. I will begin to piece together clues from your symptoms that will help form the basis of the investigatory work that I will continue to do when we meet.

Get Set Go: Initial Consultation

This consultation is used as a means for further information gathering, leading into the creation of a functional medicine timeline which is key in understanding the point at which your ill health began and what the triggering events or inputs were.

We will discuss your the outcomes that you would like to achieve and your key goals for your health and for your life.

We will discuss the way forward and the key steps we will need to take to achieve your health goals, including any tests required.

An initial nutritional plan will be drawn up post consultation for you to follow in the period until our next consultation.

On the Road to Health: Follow up's

Our first follow up will be a review of any test results that we may have received and a discussion regarding the actions that need to be taken in light of these results. We will also discuss your progress on the initial nutritional plan and will begin to refine and progress this plan moving you forward towards your goals.

Subsequent follow up's will will allow us to adapt the protocol, ensuring we are always meeting your needs, and adjusting recommendations as you progress. This may include additions to the plan, or further testing if we feel it necessary.

We will continuously review your goals and your progress towards them.

Maintenance: Living Life and Feeling Well

By the end of our time working together you will be confident in continuing with your plan, and by this point the changes we have made to your diet and lifestyle should fit seamlessly and sustainably into your life.

Nutritional therapy is not about a 'diet' but instead a 'way of eating' that becomes a lifestyle choice. A choice you make to live a life of health.