Environmental Medicine

There are around 80,000 chemicals used in consumer products currently, with many hundreds of these found within the human body.

Scientific evidence linking chemical exposure to human disease is now more irrefutable than ever before. Linked diseases that you or your child may suffer from include;
- Asthma
- Breast cancer
- Obesity
- Diabetes
- Neurodevelopment disorders
- Behavioural issues
- Autistic spectrum disorder
- Altered reproduction and fertility issues
- Allergies
- Autoimmune conditions
- Hormonal alterations

Sadly babies and children are inherently more vulnerable to chemical exposure. The effects of chemicals on these age groups are much more profound, due in part to the immaturity of the immune system, the underdeveloped blood brain barrier, and the limited detoxification capacity of the liver at this young age. There is significant evidence to show the long term effects of chemical exposure on the brain, learning and behavioural difficulties.

Not only do these chemicals result in disease states at an early age, but are also linked to later life diseases ranging from obesity, to cancer, cardiovascular disease and to difficulties in reproduction.

At the Surrey Centre for Nutrition Elisabeth uses a functional medicine approach to identify and clear toxins including chemicals, heavy metals, moulds, and pathogens to return you or your child to a point of health.

If any of these conditions are limiting your or your child's enjoyment and functioning in life Elisabeth's environmental and functional medicine approach could help by addressing the underlying environmental insults playing a part in the evolution of disease and the prevention of wellness.

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