Areas of Clinical Focus

An integrative approach to optimal health. Delivering bespoke nutritional protocols supported by the fundamental principles of functional medicine and a full range of the latest and most advanced health tests. A range of nutritional therapy services are offered to suit your requirements. We are dedicated to enabling and empowering clients to make positive dietary and lifestyle changes for lifelong health.


Gut and Digestive Health

Common symptoms of digestive ill health include IBS type pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, discomfort after eating and acid reflux or heartburn sensation, and affect nearly 50% of the population at some point. You may have undergone medical investigations with no identifiable cause. We use a functional medicine approach to identify the cause and nutritional therapy and naturopathy to redress imbalance so you can live symptom free.



The rates of autoimmune disease are rising alarmingly. There are more than 80 recognised autoimmune diseases, with 25% of sufferers going on to develop poly-autoimmunity with the occurrence of secondary or tertiary autoimmune diseases. Although often diagnosed as such these diseases do not have to be lifelong. With identifiable and traceable triggers you can return to health with my help and with a structured nutritional therapy protocol.


Food allergy and intolerance

Food reactivity can take many different forms, from a loss of tolerance to one or more foods, resulting in both gastrointestinal and systemic symptoms, to reactivity or intolerance to compounds such as histamines and salicylates found in certain foods. MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) can also fall into the category of food reactivity, and is one of the most severe forms of 'intolerance' or 'sensitivity' to foods that we see. A loss of oral tolerance is where we see increasing numbers of food to which someone has become reactive.


Weight Management

Weight loss is so often over simplified, and after trying many of the wonder diets available through books and online, you may be left frustrated that you did not achieve the weight loss goals you had set, or that the weight you lost rapidly returns. At the Surrey Centre for Nutrition we look at weight management entirely differently, and holistically, identifying the many underlying biochemical imbalances that may be resulting in weight gain and an inability to lose weight effectively.