Nutritional Therapy for Children's Health

What determines our health as adults begins before conception and is influenced at every stage of development, form pregnancy to birth, our baby years, childhood, adolescence and beyond. The importance of ensuring and maintaining optimal health in our early years is paramount to building a foundation for good health in later life. Giving a child the best nutritional start in life is one of our greatest contributions to the lifelong wellbeing of our children.

Children's Health and Nutrition

The prevalence of childhood autoimmune illnesses and diseases such as ECZEMA, DERMATITIS, ASTHMA, HAY FEVER, ALLERGIES, FREQUENT COLDS and TUMMY BUGS, along with FOOD INTOLERANCES is increasing in babies and children. Over 20% of all children now have some form of eczema and 10% re diagnosed with asthma. These conditions may be found both in isolation, or occurring in combination. Your child may for example present with eczema and also have underlying food intolerances or allergies.

The reasons for the rise in prevalence of these conditions in children are many and may include, exposure to environmental, food borne and water borne toxins, overuse of medications including antibiotics, poor diet and nutrient intake, and over consumption of certain foods.

However, all disease and IMMUNITY begins in the gut and thus at the Surrey Centre for Nutrition our approach to these chronic conditions is to optimise the functioning of the digestive system through the application of a functional nutritional approach to digestive health. In turn strengthening and re-balancing the child's immune function.

We also look at implementing protocols to address the reduction of INFLAMMATION, which is a critical mediator in the development and maintenance of these childhood diseases.

A full and detailed analysis of your child's health history, along with functional testing when required will determine the child's current health and nutritional status, and direct a personalised nutritional and lifestyle plan to get your child's health on track so they can live symptom free.

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