Super Sorghum

Super Sorghum

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

I was so amazed to find a sorghum breakfast cereal in Waitrose today.

So what is sorghum? Well it is a grain like seed that is most commonly grown and consumed in Africa. Although it is actually a seed it is usually referred to as a grain. It is the 5th most consumed grain in the world. Although it is not a grain such as wheat, it does come from the cereal grass family of plants.

Sorghum is not only gluten free but has a whole host of wonderful health benefits. Here are a list of the properties of sorghum;
- Super high in fibre with over 12g of fibre provided in each serving (thats early half of your RDA of fibre)
- High protein content
- Healthy fats
- High in minerals such as magnesium and copper
- High in certain B vitamins
- Contains antioxidant compounds in amounts that better other grains and rival many fruits

So what does this mean for our health?
- May lower 'bad' cholesterol levels while maintaining the 'good' cholesterol both due to its high fibre content and fatty acid profile
- Improves digestion and gut motility due to fibre content
- Safe for celiac and gluten intolerant individuals
- Contains antioxidant compounds that have been shown to inhibit tutor growth in certain types of cancer including oesophageal and colonic cancers
- May help manage diabetes and insulin resistance both due to high protein content and due to specific phenolic compounds that inhibit protein glycation thus altering the biological processes that drive diabetes.
- May help improve energy levels.

Sorghum is not readily available in supermarkets, and can even be hard to find in some of our specialist health food shops, hence my amazement at finding it in Waitrose 'Free From' aisle.