About Elisabeth at The Surrey Centre for Nutrition

About Us

Surrey and London based nutritional therapist offering nutritional therapy based upon the functional medicine model from her clinic location in Guildford, Surrey, London, and internationally via telephone and online.

Winner of the Ian Marber Award Elisabeth began her career in Nutritional Therapy with the knowledge that diet can both be the root of disease and the medicine we need to regain true wellness. 

Elisabeth's focus is helping people who have been struggling with chronic disease and poor health to regain a life of wellness by identifying the root cause of their symptoms and applying a functional medicine approach to nutrition. 

Elisabeth specifically uses her knowledge and clinical focus to support clients suffering from DIGESTIVE DISORDERS and poor GUT HEALTH including IBS, FOOD ALLERGY, INTOLERANCE and sensitivity, and AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE. Application of nutrition to support STRESS MANAGEMENT, SLEEP, ENERGY, and FATIGUE reduction are a critical focus to ensure the best outcomes for each client.

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Our vision for the Surrey Centre for Nutrition is to create a leading edge, fully integrated clinical team of highly skilled and qualified nutritional therapy and functional medicine practitioners covering a wide scope of specialisms.

From children to the elderly, from weight loss to chronic disease the Surrey Centre for Nutrition will provide a hand picked and dedicated team of practitioners to meet the needs of every client whatever their reason for seeking nutritional therapy.

Areas of nutrition I deal with

Sports nutrition
Fat loss
Heart disease including hypertension

Children's Nutrition

Energy and fatigue
Digestive conditions such as IBS
Autoimmune disease including, arthritis, asthma, eczema, psoriasis

Stress, depression and anxiety
Food allergies and intolerances
Premenstrual syndrome, PCOS and Menopause
Nutrition for fertility, preconception and pregnancy